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Steering Damper

Product number.: 130.FDP1

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Adjustable friction damper for all Ciro's with front suspension as the Ciro Dragster.
In the case of retrofitting the damper, at bottom of the steering bracket in riding direction left a 6mm bore for the ball joint has to be drilled.
A 13mm wrench is needed for adjustment.

If the damper is ordered together with a Ciro Dragster, we will mount it without surcharge!

Important Information:
The steering damper is intended to ride ahead on longer distances at higher speed.
If you ride your board mostly in the city or make turns often, it is better to set aside the steering damper or adjust it very weakly at last. Otherwise it could happen, that the steering does not return to straight as usual, but remains turned and must be pushed back to straight!

!Attention! The steering damper lowers the ground clearance.

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