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Set Ciro Wheel 125, front axle

Product number.: 512.008F

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This add-on kit Ciro Wheelz 125 for the front axle is a low-prieced alternative to the Big Wheelz. Not as big, but fast as well. The translucent Ciro Wheelz 125 are well-suited for indoor use too, because they do not leave dark traces on the floor.

If you want to mount the Ciro Wheelz 125 at a front axle with a flexible steering rod,
you better should retrofit a steering reset system.
In the Ciro Shop you will find suitable kits, here e.g. for models from 2009 on:
steering reset bottom
If there is a model with 2 bores for the axle screw per steering bracket (standard since 2010) you should mount the axle screws in the rear bores. So the straight running stability will be improved due to the increased caster.


wheel: polyurethane, transparent
core: silver
printing: both sides, black-red
wheel dia: 125mm
wheel width:  24mm
bearing width:  24mm
bearings: ABEC 3
spacer:  10mm

Set of 2 Ciro Wheelz 125, axle and steering angle stop screws.

Safety note:

The steering angle stop screws prevent the wheelz from touching the head plates.
If not mounted the wheelz may get blocked at full steering angle.
The steering angle stop screws are to be mounted instead of the black plastic rivets in the head brackets. The screw head with minimum 1 washer beyond is to be positioned outside, the nut inside of the head brackets.

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