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Kicktrolley Footy, as good as new ................................................ sold on behalf of the owner, no longer available!

Product number.: 087.001F

! SOLD !



The Footy perhaps was one of the most innovative and genius concepts in these days: one hand - one foot - one board. Board and trolley all-in-one. It is relative simply to ride for such an only 55cm short board. It could be folded teeny-weeny and carried easily due to its weight of just 3.5 Kg. The pole could be adjusted perfectly to one’s body, because is turnable and swivel-mounted.

From the small batch made originally, in 2013 the last remaining 2 boards were improved and assembled completely new. The Footy offered here is one of these two rare collector’s items.

This hand polished Footy is built for a left kicking rider and was used a few times shortly on test runs only. Someday the Footy was forgotten in a dry cellar. Because of this, it is in a nearly as good as new condition with nearly new wheels. Only some little scratches point out the short time of use.

Due to private sale guarantee can't be issued. Errors and omissions excepted.
If there are any questions, please contact the seller:


chassis: selfsupporting deck with integrated rear forks and pull rod, rear mounted pole, steering brackets and sleeves stainless steel, high polymer bushes
finish: hand-polished aluminum
suspension: flexdeck with cushion
deck: polished aluminum, 315x150mm, lace front across the deck
ground clearance: nose ca. 25mm - tail ca. 40mm
steering: lean steering with automatic reset to straight,
adjust- and foldable steering tiller with anti-slip-grip
brake: footbrake at the rear wheel
wheelz: 2 Speed Wheelz in front, 101x31mm, bearings ABEC 3,
anti-stumble-hook at the kicking leg side
ABEC11 Flywheel, 97x52mm rear,
grass green on orange core, bearings ABEC 3
dimensions folded: ca. 550x260x130mm (LxWxH)
dimensions upright: ca. 550x260x1095mm (LxWxmax.H)
weight: ca. 3500g
model year: ca. 2013
kilometrage: ca. 3 km
place of article: Northern Germany
sale: private (no guarantee)
  errors and omissions excepted

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