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Ciro P25

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The Ciro P25 is a hommage on the first 3 prototypes with milled headbrackets build 25 years ago. Because of this the outside of headbrackets is labeled with the number 25.
In favor of a better configuration we limited the finish on pole and deck (that means, scratches on other parts may exist). In return there are the legendary ABEC11 Re Flywheelz for needed speed with a super rebound as well as an enormous grip when dry and as standard the steering reset to provide a smooth handling at higher speed.
So, for a good price the result is a nimble board for the city and a nice slalom machine at the same time.

chassis: headbrackets 8mm aluminum CNC-milled,
extruded alloy U-profile torsion-frame,
Pull´n Fold folding actuation,
steering brackets and sleeves stainless steel,
pivoted in high polymer bushes
finish: pole fine grinded, handlebar, headbrackets, frame,
forks and brakepedal pure without finish
suspension: none
deck: rough sanded aluminum, 350x120mm,
with 8 quintet pattern drill holes
deck hight: ca. 68mm over ground
ground clearance: ca. 25mm front and rear over ground
front axle: solid aluminum with stainless steering brackets
steering: lean steering with automatic steering reset to straight
pole: pole with white instead of red cushions,
40mm stem, 280mm handlebar with foam grips
rear axle: rear axle on aluminum forks
brake: foot brake, affecting the rear wheel
wheelz: 3 ABEC11 Re Flywheelz 97x52mm,
black on flashy green core,
precision bearings ABEC 3
dimensions folded: ca. 985x285x230mm (LxWxH)
dimensions upright: ca. 700x285x955mm (LxWxH)
weight: ca. 4835g

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