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Price: 234,95 € incl. VAT plus Delivery

Ciro Pure 150

Product number.: 116.PU15

production time ca. 3 work days



The Ciro Pure 150 is our all-purpose member of the Pure series.
With its big front wheelz it is almost made for the city. They even manage bad pavements whereas the standard steering rerest improves the ridability.
From now on this model has a pole with cross grinding and a 120mm wide deck made of aluminum, on which Your feet have enough of space and a comfortable rest. On the other hand the 170mm small wooden bar with its pleasant surface feel doesn't need much space. This is a great help if you must navigate safe though a crowd.
The classical color combination silver-black-beech makes the Ciro Pure 150 very nice unremarkable-flashy.


The front wheelz can be mounted in 2 height positions at the steering brackets. The recommended position is the rear one, because this means the caster will be bigger. Mounted so, the running and steering stability is more easy.
To fit the nut of the axle screws in the rear position an additional 13mm fork spanner is needed (not included in delivery).


The Ciro Pure 150 also may be ordered for a surcharge of 5,00 EUR with standard bar and grips. If wanted, pls. specify this in the field "Remark" during order transaction.

From July 2018 on: solid aluminum axle and stainless axle brackets instead of steel.
From October 2018 on: aluminum rear forks and brake pedal instead of steel ones.
So the Ciro Pure 150 has lost a substantial amount of 370g weight.
From july 2021 on: pole with cross grinding; deck made of aluminum inststead of plywood


chassis: headbrackets 8mm aluminum, CNC-milled
extruded aluminum U-profile torsion-frame
Pull´n Fold folding actuation
steering brackets and sleeves stainless steel
pivoted in high polymer bushes
finish: pure aluminum headbrackets without finish,
sanded / grinded alloy
suspension: none
deck: rough sanded aluminum, 350x120mm
8 quintet pattern drill holes
deck hight: ca. 69mm over ground
steering: lean steering with automatic steering reset to straight
pole: foldable, 40mm stem, 170mm hardwood-handlebar
brake: footbrake affecting the rear wheel
wheelz: front: 2 Big Wheelz 145x30mm, w/o decals
to be mounted in 2 different hight positions
rear: 1 Slick 101, 101x60mm; bearings ABEC 3
dimensions folded: ca. 995x270x245mm (LxWxH)
dimensions upright: ca. 720x270x960(970)mm (LxWxH)
weight: ca. 4800g




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