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Set Microbag + Bottleklick ..... !NEW!

Product number.: 352.123A

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Where to put all the trifles as keys, handkerchiefs a.s.o.? Into the Microbag! And where to put the water bottle when the sun is burning? Into a bottle cage of your own choice which is to be screwed on the Bottleklick!

The set contains a Microadapter, the smart shaped Microbag and the Bottleklick.

The Microadapter is attached to the pole with a tension band. On this either the Microbag or the Bottleklick can be latched.

Bottle cage and bottle are not included in delivery.

The Microadapter is mounted free of charge, if a Ciro or HILLCART is ordered at the same time.

Only while stocks last!

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