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We also could stamp, cast or do something else. But we won't do this. Because we do'nt want to make a mass production device. We want to stay flexible, react fast and produce on a high standard level. This is what makes the quality of our boards. In consequence of this approach we do not have completes on stock, but all bits and pieces we need to assemble an individual board. So you always get a fresh made board and not a jalopy. All Ciro Boards are based on a modular system. As all mating dimensions are unchanged since 1997, there are nearly endless combinations for old and new models possible. So we like to do other models than the standard ones offered in our shop. The price of a standard board, which is simmilar to the requested individual board, provides the price basis. For all bits and pieces to be replaced by others you only pay the difference, for additional parts the full price. So, who wants to get an individal board please send a request to:


Our racer are all-out made for speed, without ifs and buts. Raceboards only get the best wheelz, because they are the nuts and bolts of a fast board. Good wheelz run easy and jump back like a bouncy ball thrown to the floor. Bad wheels start to make little jumps at high frequency when running. These jumps kill the hard- won stepping energy instead to transfer it to driving. We call this phenomen "Micro-Jumping".



lines (out of stock)

"Line" is a geometry element aswell as a snell. The line is the dominant item at this minimalist scooter. And the snell in fact exists. The line is attached on handle pole and deck. This prevents the deck to swing down when the scooter is lifted, and the line keeps deck and handle pole together when folded.
The Ciro Line is reduced to a minimum and made up of less parts than a skateboard although it has a handle and a brake, which skateboards usually not have.

At the Ciro Line the steering mechanism is completely different compared to common scooters. There are no bearings and the steering won't wobble. A single resin leaf spring covers both functions, steering and return to straight. But compared to other Ciro's or HILLCART's you must turn the handle pole to the intended direction.

Even though the wheelz are onesided screwed, this radical reduced scooter provides a remarkable driving ability. Reason for that is the interaction of leaf spring and cylindric wheel. The brake is made up of only a single piece. After braking the elastic recovery force makes the pedal get-off the wheel. So it needs nor spring or joint.

It should not be kept in the dark, that minimalism has a price in more ways than one. The Ciro is not a device you instantly are able to control for sure and tha is the reason why it is not suitable for children. You will need a certain practice to cope with the scooter, because the handle pole can not only be turned, but also tilted a bit forward and completely backwards too.

Costs a lot of bucks this little masterpiece you might say. However small volumes and fancywork ask for it's price and quality Inline-skates also are not available for next to nothing.





Arts are gadgets for collectors and engineering freaks. Some day the idea rised to put standard items into a completely different context. This was the date of birth of the Ciro Toyz. One of the first was the Brushman. Since end of 2009 the Cherup of the Black Mountain joined in, the menue's name was changed to arts. The Cherup truly is not a toy, but a joint project with an artist from Schwarzenberg (=Black Mountain). In the future there surely will be more such projects.



Here you get the wheelz. Available from 85 to 145mm big, 24 to 61mm wide, with different treats, cores and colors.
Our Speed Wheel still is an absolute classic, already available since 1997.







Accessories for the Ciro. Here you find a lot of helpful devices from a retrofit-steering-return-kit fender to a sling bag.
At the menue racer there are special accessories for all the models with detachable pole.
Special Tune-up parts are to be found at custom parts.
Who is looking for spare parts may visit the menue price lists and view or download them.



custom parts

Tune-up parts. Personalize, lighten, speed or just pimp up your Ciro with mostly handicrafted special parts. Let's take the Brake Pedal Peak as an example to tell you how most of the custom parts are made. That cool pedal runs formfitting above the fat roller. To get this look done, a quite common pedal is cutted with a buzz saw at first. Then the cuts are grinded and step by step polished by hand.



special offers

Here you will find every now and then and sometimes changing prototypes, exhibits, one-off productions, test models, exotics, collector items, demonstration-boards. On and off surely there will be some used models available aswell. This will be rather rare, as we know from experience. Beside the models we will offer sometimes low priced wheelz and accessories.



limited editions

We did already limited editions earlier. So we had a special edition of HILLCART's. Nearly the whole series was sold to Japan. May be some of you remember other series, like the Jaguar- or NOKIA-edition or you even own one of those.
We offer you our services to plan and build up a commercial special series. Contact us!




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