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We have a vision.
We want to make the best board available. They have to be fast, light weighted and reduced to the essentials with excellent road per- formance. Produced by latest technology, mounted and finished in traditional craftsmanship. So we offer the fondly handmade Ciro-Boards already since 1996, which are produced in Germany only and nowhere else. We do not make dazzlers, but robust and well tested machines for riding.



Function, duration of life and nice design enjoy our highest priority. This was very important to us from the very beginning on. We spend a lot of time in finding a design or form, sometimes months, even years. It was worthwhile at the very end. 1999 the complete new design of the Ciro-Board at that time was awarded with the if-Design Award Top 10 over all. Sadly this too was the get-go of numberless plagiats from far east.
But the original only is the original.



Stamping is the fastest way to shape an aluminium deck. Very trivial. The headbrackets of the Ciro or the deck of the HILLCART's however are CNC milled. This needs a lot of know-how and exercise. It is not so easy to find a well balanced compromise between design and processing time.
The milling machine gives the square blank its final shape, puts chamfers to the edges at the same time and drills all holes.


But there is another way to get a shape. Meanwhile we let cut a lot of items by a laser. With incredible speed the laser beam burns through the sheet of metal. Only just after the beam is extinguished, the remaining gate is taken off, nimble hands collect the bracket blanks. The rest is done on a bending machine dead right. You can't imagine how complicated it is to bend the blank of a steering bracket to an "U", so that finally the 2 holes for the pivot are positioned exact over each other..


As sayed before, we are obliged to tradition. That is why grinding has a big importance to us. This means for us grinding is a way to make a nice surface or a special shape and not only simply deburring. So we grind the surface of the aluminum decks or the headbrackets with an eccentric sander or do the final shape of the rear forks free-hand on a belt sander.


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